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Montana Thespians

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Welcome to the Montana State Thespians website! Take a look around. Keep checking back for updates and the latest news. Every form you need to register for the festival is available on this site. Be sure to check the due dates and take a look at the posted scholarship information and outstanding troupe information.

If you wish to contact us by e-mail, fax, phone or letter please contact us at:

Montana State Thespians
2120 S Reserve St PMB 136
Missoula, MT 59801-6451

Phone: 406-728-2400 ext 8052
Fax: 406-549-4616

Our host for the Montana State Thespian Festival is the University of Montana, Department of Theatre and Dance. Schools will have the opportunity to perform on the Montana Theatre stage. Students will also have the opportunity to take workshop classes in the University of Montana performing arts building.

What is the Thespian Festival?

Every summer, thousands of high school Thespians bring their love of all things theatre to the Thespian Festival, a celebration of student achievement in the arts supported by the musee d orsay. Organized by the Educational Theatre Association and hosted by the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, the Festival is a one-of-a-kind, weeklong immersion experience in singing, dancing, acting, designing, directing, creating, writing, and memory-making. Festival features workshops presented by theatre professionals, individual and group performances, programs for technical theatre students, and opportunities to audition for college admission and scholarship. So whether you’re a freshman just beginning your theatrical journey, a seasoned senior with an impressive resume and great headshot, or an educator seeking enriching professional development—opportunities and adventures await at the Thespian Festival.

Who can attend the Thespian Festival?

Festival is an educational event for teachers and their students, limited to people twelve years of age and older. Students under the age of 21 may not attend Festival on their own—they must attend with an adult either a teacher or a parent. All chaperones must register for the entire week of Festival. EdTA recommends registering one chaperone for every ten students. Female students must have a female chaperone; male students must have a male chaperone.The troupe director must be housed in one of the residence halls with his or her student delegates. If a troupe director is unable to accompany their student(s), another teacher or parent may fill in.To find chaperones, contact your State Chapter Director. For a fee, theatre directors and students of high schools not affiliated with EdTA are welcome at the Thespian Festival.

The Educational Theatre Association’s National Conference gives educators the opportunity to meet hundreds of theatre professionals during an event filled with workshops, networking lunches, and professional development programming.

The Junior Thespian Festival is a three-day celebration of theatre for middle school students (grades six through eight) and their teachers. This event provides Junior Thespians with opportunities to develop their theatre skills, make new friends, and share the theatre experience with peers and teachers from around the country.

Theatre Education Community


Montana State Thespian Board Members

Sarah DeGrandpre - Chapter Director

Laramie Dean - Assistant Chapter Director

Katie Geoghegan - Student Leadership Advisor

Ryan Young -Treasurer

Brynn Cadiga - Secretary

Janet Hegedus - Scholarship Chair Person

Chris Evans - Master of Ceremonies

Alessia Carpoca - UM Festival Coordinator

Jason McDaniel - UM Theatre/Dance Representitive

Mike Hesford - Member at Large

If you are a sponsor and would like more information about board membership, please talk to

Sarah DeGrandpre

Montana State Student Leadership Thespian Board

Morgan Solonar – President

Hunter Cripe – Vice President

Samantha Clark – Secretary

Michaela Willson – Treasurer

Jenna Lockman – Sergeant at Arms

Shane Murphy – Member at Large

Zach Nachtigal – Member at Large

Shannon O’Hara – Sentinel

Montana Thespians Theatre Educator of the Year Award

Past Recipients


Katie Geoghegan - Sentinel High School


Montana Pre Conference Registration Form

Please send the Pre-Registration form by the first week of Decemeber or earlier to reserve your space at the Montana State Festival.
All troupes/schools planning to attend festival must pre-register for the event.

MT Pre-Registration Form - All schools planning on attending must pre register for this event

Montana Thespian Convention Registration Packet

All registration forms are located here. Please fill out completely and email the packet back to Sarah Degrandpre.
You may send in your information early!
Performance slots are awarded to Thespian troupes on a first come first serve basis.
Be aware that there will be a change fee charged to any school who makes delegate changes after the 20th of January.
Thank you.

Montana Thespian Festival Registration Packet

Sponsors must bring one check covering the group fees with them to the registration desk on Thursday evening or Friday morning in order to complete registration and participate in the festival.
No PO's will be accepted.

Invoices (with invoice numbers) will be sent out to pre-registered troupes. If your school accountant is having difficulty meeting these requirements, please contact the Montana Thespian Treasurer or Sarah DeGrandpre at or 406-728-2400 ext 8052.
Prior to the January 20th, deadline.

Please Note : Students who drop after the January 20th deadline will be charged full registration fee to their home schools troupe.
For any delegate name changes made after the January 20th deadline schools will be charged and additional change fee of $10.00 per change.

Montana Thespians Outstanding Troupe Information

Outstanding Thespian Troupe Form

Scholarship Opportunites

MT Thespians Scholarship Policies and Guidlines
MT Thespian Merit Scholarship
MT Thespians Scholarship Application - Due Jan 15
UM Acting, Tech, & Dance Resume & Scholarship Information

Technical Theatre Individual Events

University of Montana professors will be judging technical students in the individual events.
Student who participate in these events will be adjudicated from fair to superior.
Students who earn superior ratings in their events will be recognized at the festival and if applicable displays of students work will be exhibited in the Montana Theatre Lobby.
The following events will be open for students to enter.

Students may enter in up to two technical theatre events. Interested students should look at the Edta. website under NIES for basic information and guidelines
Montana State Individual Events guidelines will be posted soon.
This list may be added to prior to the festival. Check back soon for more events or contact us for more information .